Cliff Broadway

Writer/Producer Cliff Broadway has worked across the spectrum of the performing arts including radio, stage, voice-over, film, TV, and now podcasts. He has likewise written for each medium. A principal member of Industry Standard Films, Cliff is creating several new film and TV projects including a prestige format pop-culture biography series and new podcasts for the genre audience.

Cliff most recently worked on The Big Question: A Film about Forgiveness and also Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed (The History Channel 2007), which received three Prime Time Emmy Award nominations including Outstanding Nonfiction Special, Outstanding Writing & Directing. In 2006 he co-produced the premiere Clik Honors / Elite 25 Awards, a groundbreaking event for the African-American LGBT community.

Cliff co-wrote and produced Ringers: Lord of the Fans (Sony Pictures 2005), winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award (2005 Newport Beach Film Fest) and a 2006 Saturn Award nomination. For many years he has enjoyed the dynamism of animation and video game voiceover work (Sam Gamgee in Universal Interactive's The Fellowship of the Ring). His voice-over prank on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment became a YouTube sensation.

A pioneer blogger, Cliff started in 1999 as a senior writer/editor with the most popular mega-site on the web for fantasy fans, His work was compiled in two volumes of "The People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien" (Cold Spring Press). His first critically acclaimed play, Elevator, was produced in 1998 by Los Angeles' nascent Copperview Theatre Company. He launched his stage career on the Chicago boards in 1988, including the smash comedy Party and a turn as the beleaguered Darren Stephens in Bewitched: The Musical, among many others. Cliff hails from Melbourne, Florida, and now resides in the heart of Hollywood – and yes, Broadway is his surname from birth.